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Friday, August 21, 2015

FRAME Sale..... Anyone interested?


Picture of the frames we have in various size. They are in Encinitas but I'm taking some to LA on Saturday. Let me know if you have anyone interested.

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Bruno Barbieri, Senior Associate

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Art Piece Solicitation for the Encinitas Environmental Award Program - $500 Commission

ENCINITAS ARTISTS  - $500 Commission

The Environmental Commission of the City of Encinitas is seeking two (2) artists. Each will design and fabricate one Art Piece.

The City of Encinitas Environmental Commission is holding its Environmental Award Program (EAP) with 2 categories: 1) individual person/non-profit and 2) business. The 2 winners of the EAP will each be presented with the Art Piece as recognition for their outstanding environmental achievements. This Art Piece Solicitation is to commission 2 artists - each to create an environmentally-themed piece of art to be presented along with a Certificate to EAP 2015 winners. The Art Piece must be substantial, high-profile and able to be proudly displayed as a unique and notable piece. The Artist MUST include a sketch and description of THE proposed Art Piece in their proposal.


Two artists will be chosen. Each artist will create (must be original artist work) and deliver one environmentally-themed art piece. The commission amount is $500 per artist and will be the full compensation. Payment occurs when art is complete, delivered and accepted.


A. Candidates MUST be Encinitas residents. Validation will be by street address.

B. The artwork can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, no more than twelve inches in any dimension.

C. The completed artwork must be complete and delivered no later than October 8, 2015.

D. The City of Encinitas will have all rights to use representations of the art in promotions and public information materials, and the artists will be credited. The EAP Award recipients will own the art.

E. Art must not have been previously shown in public, at any public venue.


· Multiple submissions by a single artist are allowed, but two different artists will be selected and no one artist will win both commissions.

· Your proposal must include your name, address and contact information submitted on a separate sheet attached to your submission.

· Proposals also MUST include in writing and drawings 1) proposed materials and media, 2) a rendering of your proposed piece, 3) dimensions of the piece; and 4) how it responds to the Encinitas environmental-theme. Your text need not be typed, but it must be legible.

· You may optionally include your resume or CV - or your experience using the media proposed, and your history meeting deadlines on a separate sheet. However, extensive experience in art is not necessary – new or young artists are encouraged to propose.

· Submissions are limited to 3 pages, 8 ½” x 11” single sided sheets, which includes optional items.


The selection criteria include but is not limited to:

· Completeness of submission (see proposal requirements above)

· Communication or depiction of the environmental-theme – inspirational, innovative

· Proposed media (materials/media must be permanent – not ephemeral)

· Suitability for display on wall or desktop (see size criteria above)

· Artist's experience with proposed media and meeting deadlines

Artists’ competition timeline:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015, by 5pm: Proposals due. Delivered or mailed to the City Manager's office labeled: EAP Art Proposal to Erik Steenblock Environmental Programs Manager, City of Encinitas, 505 S. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024-3633 (proposals MUST be received by 5pm)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015: Winners will be announced.

Thursday, October 8, 2015: Finished Art work submitted by awardee.

Art Solicitation and Environmental Award information: