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Friday, October 30, 2020

Art Pop Up Festival ADORE ART GALLERY, Carlsbad - All Artists


All artists are welcome  to participate!  This is a fantastic opportunity for all artists seeking to find a home for their artwork for a few months.

It is a two-month art pop up festival for November and December. All disciplines are welcome, Artists may host classes, events, sip and paint parties and do live demonstrations. They are able to use their space as a workspace as often as they would like.  Located right next to the Apple store at the forum Carlsbad in a 5000 sq. ft. space. We are offering rental space with a 15% transaction fee on all sales and classes, and 10-foot wall space is $600 per month 5-foot wall space is $300 per month.  I can fit between 20 and 30 artists in the gallery.  

 Contact Angelina Hart at, or call at 760-349-6244

New - In The Art Scene, Support Our Local Arts


Hi Everyone,

You need to take a look at a monumental effort of an emerging artist, Galina Marcus, who is taking on a fresh approach at supporting. the arts in communities. "In The Art Scene " is new! Such drive and passion, and a must-read in support of artists and non-profits that provide outreach in the communities all around the U.S.

Something as driven as this certainly deserves a review. Perhaps you might have something to share with other artists, like an experience that can enlighten others, or an outreach program you might like a little push within the community.

Take a minute and review, "In the Art Scene" and signup for the newsletter. Keep the information flowing in the creative vein we all live in. Visit

Bravo.... Galina, keep it going.  You have my support, Cheryl Ehlers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Artist Cheryl Ehlers Selected for Invitation - Art's a' Thrive Inn


Art’s A’ Thrive-Inn

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

5951 Linea Del Cielo, Rancho Santa FeCA92067 

Cheryl Ehlers has been selected as one of the 60 artists to participate in an artist invitational, “Art’s A’ Thrive-Inn”, which will take place on the historic and truly beautiful property of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe (Inn at RSF) in San Diego County.  The event will take place over multiple months giving a unique opportunity to exhibit creative banners at the Inn, and the community of Rancho Santa Fe.  In addition, it will also benefit, through a portion of the proceeds, The Balboa Park Conservancy, which is the non-profit of choice this year. 

The exhibition is a display of original banner art that will be placed throughout the property of the Inn at RSF for multiple months culminating in the auction that will benefit the artist and the charity. The theme is centered around 2020 and what “positivity” has come out of this unprecedented time for the artist. 

Schedule: Late January 2021 - The public can preview the completed banners on-site for a “First Reveal” display at The Inn.  Attendees may place early silent auction bids.  No host event at The Inn.

 Mid-March - Early May, 2021 - The public can enjoy themselves as they stroll through and view the artwork. If so inclined you can call in, email or text a bid on your favorite banner.

 Mid-May or early June 2021 (TBA) - Public reception at the Inn’s front lawn (socially distant) with live auction and auctioneer on the Terrace. Public bids are open.

Online viewing at Auction Guides will be printed and distributed at the Unveiling Reception, and throughout the exhibit, and online. A link will be on the Inn’s website as well as the individual artist’s websites and the Sponsors information.

Contact for Info: Cheryl Ehlers,, 760-519-1551.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

San Dieguito Art Guild's / Off Track Gallery

Open to all San Diego Artists

November 24 - December 30, 2020

Take-in NOV. 24, 2-5pm

937 South Coast Hwy 101, 103,  Encinitas,  

Join us in the upcoming holiday season by entering in the Off Track Gallery Annual Small Image Show. Just in time for shopping!

Capturing the "spirit " of the season with awards, ribbons, and certificates. Enjoy the opportunity to display in our gallery.

Artwork accepted must be 12x12 (framed),  artwork ready to wall hang.  2 entries per artist. (Please read the full Prospectus on the Application, and then you decide: 

Deadline to Enter: November 21, by 5pm

Offer (2) links: 

Direct to the Application:

To the SDAG website::

About Our Judge: Julie Wearverling

"My work examines layers, transparent and opaque as a metaphor for what is the human condition. What is hidden is sometimes more revealing than what is seen. It is this paradox that interests me, the interplay of where we have come from, and where we can be found now".

A recurring theme is the idea of compartments and compartmentalizing our lives, literally and figuratively. My work is informed by society’s teachings, how to separate ourselves, from our work, our heritage, our family, each other. We compartmentalize in the face of trauma in order to cope, and in the face of joy to celebrate and hold on to that positive space. We deal with compartments as we deal with labels, as a way to view this contemporary life.

Art and music have always been an important part of her life. After studying business in college, it was a trip to Florence, Italy that impacted Julie’s life. So inspired by the art there, she determined to change her life, take her art to the next level, and to earn her living through art. Julie serves as Director of, a nonprofit gallery in Carlsbad, CA where she has worked since January 2006. There she curates exhibits, works with region-based artists, oversees operations including developing programs for residents of Front Porch Communities and juries exhibitions both for the gallery and outside organizations.

With a unique artistic voice and evocative exploration of our shared human workings, Julie strives to uplift by creating artworks with an aim to elicit feelings as well as thoughts. Her desire is to create beauty in her work without it having to be pretty.

Julie is represented by where she is a Top Artist. Her work is also sold nationally through the exclusive Crate and Barrel and partnership where she continues to be a top seller. Additionally, Julie is represented world-wide with fine art publisher ImageConscious. Julie’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in the books A Walk into Abstracts 2 and Joomchi and Beyond. She is most influenced most by artists with a brave heart.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Southern California Watercolor Society - Call for Artists



Artists participating in the juried competition must be 2021 members of the Southern Watercolor Society and reside in the District of Columbia or one of the following southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia or West Virginia. Members in good standing who have moved from these states remain eligible. Dues are $30.00 and may be paid online at

Also at the end of the online application, applicants will have the choice of paying the application fee plus membership dues ($65.00), or only the application fee ($35.00) if membership dues have already been paid.

Awards: Cash awards and merchandise awards will exceed $10,000 this year. Best of Show will earn $2,000. A Platinum category will be added at $1,750,
Gold - $1,500, Silver - $1,250, Bronze - $1000.


Chance to Exhibit at the Culture Fest Watch Party, OCS- Hurry!


Change to Exhibit at the "CULTURE FEST" Watch Party

At the Brooks Theater Gallery -  The People & Culture of Oceanside

The Oceanside Cultural Arts Commission is hosting a "CULTURE FEST Watch Party" at the Brooks Theater on October 17 & 18 for ticketholders to view videos celebrating the richness and variety of Oceanside culture.

It's a perfect opportunity to showcase the art of Tri-City artists at the Brooks Theater Gallery! Because it's a real-time crunch, Help make this exhibition come to life. The theme is:  The People & Culture of Oceanside

What a wealth of subject matter – from indigenous tattoos to surf culture, Filipino traditions to Mariachi music, local ethnic cuisine to Samoan dance, Oceanside people doing Oceanside things...and so much more!

1) Please email me images of the art you would like considered by 9 pm on Wednesday, October 14th.

2) I will contact you by 5 pm on Thursday, Oct 15   regarding the status of your submission.

3) Accepted work MUST be dropped off at the Theater by 3 pm on Friday, Oct. 16th.  No exceptions, since the show is mounted that day.

Contact: Carol Naegele, Curator,  Brooks Theater Gallery

217 N. Coast Hwy, Oceanside

Oceanside Theatre Company    760-994-5975

Monday, September 21, 2020



For Application, Instructions, and Details please visit: 

DEADLINE: November 30, 2020

Questions, please email Cheryl Ehlers, Curator at

City of Encinitas Call for Art 2021



The city of Encinitas is seeking artists for individual and group exhibitions of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork. In 2021, the city will mount a total of 50 art exhibits. All exhibits are for 2 months. Artists, both amateur and professional, are invited to submit an application for consideration. 

Art Gallery Information Sheets
Click the links for exhibit information and photos of the galleries:  


Deadline: Wednesday, September 30.

Questions: Email, Art Program Assistant

Monday, August 31, 2020

US Veteran Artists Opportunity Still Open at Off Track Gallery

The Off Track Gallery, run by the San Dieguito Art Guild, is seeking about 15 each, San Diego US Veteran artists, offering an opportunity to exhibit 2D works for sale, and a chance to win a ribbon juried by professional judges at the  2nd Annual Honoring Our Veteran Artists. 

We have limited space and are providing the following guidelines that will assist you in preparation of your wall art, along with our entry application order to proceed:  No charge.  

EXHIBIT DATES:    September 29, 2020, to October 27, 2020

Online Application Deadline:  September 15, 2020, Monday, 12:00 

Take-In Date:   September 29, 2020, Tuesday, 3:30-5:30pm

Art Pickup by    October 25 -26, 2020, Monday, by 3 pm

SHOW ENTRY INFORMATION: Artwork may or may be marked NFS if not for sale, on the application. This is an in-kind gesture. painting. Artwork can be no larger than 16x20. You will be contacted after you apply.


You must apply online at . 

"Print a copy”, and then “Submit”. Bring the copy with you to the take-in, along with your wall tags. 

Wall tags much accompany artwork: Located in the application. Details match your application when brought on take-in day.

Location: San Dieguito Art Guild, 937 S. Coast Hwy, Encinitas, CA, 92024760-942-3636.

Questions: Email Cheryl Ehlers at or call 760-519-1551.
Thank you.