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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Cheryl Ehlers: A Retrospective, Nov, 23, 6pm

Many times over the years I've looked at a piece I've made and thought to myself, I can't remember doing that.' One remembers only traces of what happened. In that sense one main function of the art work is that it is an artifact of the process.

The more difficult task has been to consider what it's all been about. My own belief as an artist is that much of what I do (the art making part, that is) happens in a kind of trance, or mental zone. There is a notion that it is through the channel of a person that creativity flows and significant art making happens. In that regard, it is much like art choosing the person rather than the person choosing to be an artist. Indeed, I don't really remember ever making the decision to become a painter, I found myself being one.

Join me for Cheryl Ehlers: A Retrospective, exhibiting: November 6 - Jan 6, 2020.

Reception: Saturday, Art Night, November 23, 6-9pm at the Encinitas Library: 540 Cornish Drive, 92024. FREE

For more details about the Art Night Encinitas visit:
Visit Cheryl's  website at or contact her directly at 760-519-1551