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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Family Affair - Encinitas Environment Day, June 9 - 10 - 4pm


A Family and Community Oriented Event  -  7th Year

New Expanded Program –  ‘What’s Green About Encinitas’, EEDay June 9, 2013 – A fun and educational experience for all. Network with the community and learn the latest strategies for healthy life styles, conservation and sustainability. Discover the financial benefits of going Green and connect with local educational, governmental and civic resources.  Celebrating seven years of community progress.

There will be guest speakers, films, local food, and live entertainment provided by local musicians. Part of the interactive entertainment will be Dr. Zoolittle of the San Diego Zoo, the Birch Aquarium, our famous pedal-powered smoothie-maker, paper making, recycled art project, food, music and and much more! There will be raffles and prizes too.  Anyone walking or riding a bike to the event gets a free raffle ticket.

This year, our program includes a connection with the Leucadia Farmers Market, where there will be tours of student activities. A shuttle will bring attendees from the main event at Cottonwood Creek Park.  Visit: , Activities list - loads of fun!

Encinitas Environment Day – Event Themes
Healthy & Sustainable Living
Gardening, Recycling, Organic Food, Sustainable Products
Education & Careers
Children's Art & Gardens, Green Careers, Films, Presentations
Family Eco Activities
Kid & Family Activities, ECO Scavinger Hunt 
The Stardust Arts - Madd Hatters
Art Miles Mural Canvas Project
Renewable Energy & Transport
Solar, Wind, Electric & Hybrid Transportation, Environmental Consulting
Green Home Upgrade
Energy Savings, Low Water Landscape, Green Remodeling, Responsible Investing, Real Estate
Environmental Action
Civic Organizations, City Gov, Chambers, Non Profits, Community Gardens
Compassionate Causes
Animals, Nature, Humanitarian, Other
Eco Art, Food, Entertainment, local
Eco Art, Food Booths,  Live Music, Poetry, Local businesses

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