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Saturday, August 31, 2013

HURRY- September Call for Artists in North County, San Diego, CA - No Fees

Hi All,

Short and Sweet:

September has many opportunities both for individuals and for groups to apply for possible exhibitions with Jazzercise and the City of Encinitas.

Deadlines are:  SEPTEMBER 15 and SEPTEMBER 30th. Take a look, please read the submission instructions and see if you fit.  Any questions please contact me at

For All Artists: 

1)  "Zoonitias" - Deadline is September 15th
2)  "Jazzercise" - Deadline is September 15th
3)  "City of Encinitas" - Call for Artists - Deadline is September 15th - and link is to 
        there  online applications.

Application / Opportunities are located at

Questions please email Cheryl Ehlers


For San Dieguito Art Guild Artists: Deadline:  September 15, 2013.

If we do not get enough member participation, we cannot apply and this represents a very poor showing for our art organization.  We need your creative spirit!

You have already been notified via email  with (2) opportunities:
"Plein Air Our Way" and "Abstraction " (2) separate Call for Artists.  

If you have not open your email, it is about the only way to communicate and get the ball rolling in our busy structured lives and keep the lines open.So take a gamble, open this free exhibit opportunity.

Questions please email Cheryl Ehlers at

Hope to hear from you all.


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