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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Terry Weaver in town for the dedication of the new Encinitas " Welcome" sign

Congratulations to Terry Weaver... what a beautiful day today for dedicating years of work to joint venture this wonder "welcome" signage for Encinitas! It is so very colorful!

A bit about Terry's part of the design... (Tree Top Terry)

"My first task after being awarded the Downtown Encinitas Streetscape project was to create 16 images for approval by the City’s 3 member Arts subpanel. My directive was to capture the essence of Encinitas. So I focused on the City’s gems; Moonlight Beach, La Paloma, Swamies, The Boathouse, etc. I began this process in April 2001, creating 28 watercolor pencil images. I returned to Maui in May to work on my drawings. I flew back to Encinitas to sign my formal contract on September 6. While water-coloring my images the morning of September 11, 2001 I received a call from my mother telling me to turn on the news. Just as I did, I witnessed the second plane hitting the north tower. This image seemed surreal. I dedicated the Woodie, as my 911 Memorial- making the surfboards red, white and blue. To me, that Woodie mosaic will forever represent the day our world changed.

The subpanel approved 8 images I am to move forward on. Although going green is popular now, I’ve been a green artist for as long as I can remember. I had been visiting tile stores collecting scrap tiles from dumpsters and asking the companies to represent me for my mosaic build out. The company that offered the most help was Oceanside Glass and Tile. A sales/marketing representative named Dana called me to offer me some of their reject tiles. My father and I collected boxes and boxes of the beautiful glass tiles. This was my first time using glass tiles, and wow was it a game changer. I created glass tile skies and ceramic tile mix on the mosaics and blended them with multi-color grouts. This mix of glass tile and ceramic gives the mosaics another dimension that I had never seen before. I was excited to perfect it in my new City mosaics. This style of mosaic became a new design of mine that I still use today, 13 years later. With supplies in hand and my direction firmly in my head, I was well on my way for the next 6 months making and installing these fine art mosaic images.
Back on Maui:

I am still creating my collection of “Marine Mosaics” Here on Maui at my Polanui Art studio. I’ve been getting materials together for my mom and pup whales as well as my spotted eagle ray which will be a 6 foot mosaic. These mosaics will be lit up by LED making them an emotional and education piece.

Keep a watch for "Tree Top" Terry's blog next month! Hang loose.....

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