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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Richard Hawk - Encinitas Highlands Wrokshops, March - May 2015

Encinitas Highlands Workshops
March-May 2015
I'm excited to announce this lineup of four new workshops for March, April and May. Each one focusses on a specific theme or emphasis based on what painters are telling me they want most.
The workshops are in a light, bright, airy house on a hill near the ocean two blocks from Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, California. Small by design, the workshops fill quickly so don't delay if you are interested. 
Please go to the workshops page on my web site for more detail and cost.
Poet Hafiz-Inspired Workshop
March 27, 28, 29  (Fri, Sat, Sun)
10 AM - 3 PM

In this workshop we will each develop our own visual composition inspired by the poetry of Sufi mystic, Hafiz. We'll have a group reading and discussion of Hafiz. Then, you will work from supplied visual elements or draw from your own reference you bring to the workshop in the form of photos or life drawings. 

Whether a beginner or advanced, you'll be guided in developing your idea and composition as a shape collection. You'll apply a value plan. You will paint according to principles of free, loose, expressive painting resulting in creative rewards and great fun in the workshop. Get in touch with something deep and meaningful to you in this workshop, and make a narrative composition come to life through the application of paint.

If you're looking to go deeper, to get more spirit in your work, and like the idea of tying your work into some of the most brilliant prose poetry ever written - this workshop is for you.

Freedom Painting In Acrylic
April 11-12  (Sat, Sun)
10 AM - 3 PM
Painters sometimes say "I'd like to take one of your workshops but I'm not a watercolor painter," or "I have an investment in acrylic paint and prefer using it."
It's the approach that matters, much more than the type of paint, but if you like or want to experience painting loosely in acrylic, this is your opportunity. Painting from your creative core based on the techniques and approaches of 'freedom painting', certainly is possible - and actually quite amazing - in this medium.
In this workshop come and learn how to marry H2O and your acrylic pigments for lovely, naturalistic effects and take advantage of the high pigment strength and layering capability for which acrylic is known.
Your Own Composition For Successful Painting
April 20, 21, 22  (Mon, Tues, Wed)
10 AM - 3 PM
Bring your own reference photos or life drawing studies to this master class, and delve into the art and science of building a heart-and-soul-winning figurative composition. Recommended for those who have taken one of my workshops before or have some comfort with developing their own shape-based compositions.
What are the benefits of working from reference photos? What are the pitfalls? What are the three most important things to know about using photo reference for paintings? How about painting from life? These are some of the questions we'll answer in depth as we extract exciting compositions from sometimes unlikely material.
Learn how to create a shape collection for successful painting. Then, paint, paint, paint! Bring your open mind and adventurous spirit to this workshop.
Visage Revisited
May 18, 19, 20  (Mon, Tues, Wed)
10 AM - 3 PM
By popular demand here is a new workshop with emphasis on the face.
How do we render the windows to the soul, the sensuous mouth, the infamous nose - with some attention to truth, yet a look that is expressive, confident, free and bold? We'll explore many different answers to these questions and more in this popular workshop.
Reference materials - photographic reference for the face and a shape collection based upon it - will be supplied. Bring your own for discussion. We'll look at some of the work of the masters - from Da Vinci to Warhol - and understand what makes them tick.
This is the art and science of successfully rendering the human face - not a portraiture class per se - though how to get a likeness will be discussed and explored for those who desire it. Come join us!


Again, while the room in which we'll work is spacious, these workshops by design are for a small group. If you are interested please don't delay.
Painting demos, presentations and painting time each day... as well as plenty of individual coaching for each participant.

I look forward to painting with you soon. Please contact me with any questions you may have.


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