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Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 27th - Living Lowbrow Artists Reception at the Encintas Library

Zaney, Wild and Fun!
Living Lowbrow Artists Reception on July 27, 2013 – 2:4pm at the Encinitas Library, located at 540 Cornis Drive.
This is exhibit featuring 24 artists from around the country, are a diverse lot with personalities that range from the innocent to the insane, and 7 of the pieces are from Mary Fleener, curator of the exhibit’s personal collection that hangs in her house, bedrooms and kitchen, thus the name "Living Lowbrow". 
Fleener is friends with the majority of the artists and knows many of them quite well. Some of them, such as Krystine Kryttre, have temporarily dropped out of the art world for the glamorous world of Hollywood and she now works as a Special Effects animator, and some such as XNO, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, is rumored to be living in a cave in the Ozarks. Artists from two Encinitas tattoo shops are featured; ink slinger Billy Barnett and Lauren Alexandra Bartram, and two comix  artists, famous in the Underground comix scene, are Robert Armstrong and Dennis Worden. Armstrong is one of the founding members of the Cheap Suits Serenaders, which includes the legendary Robert Crumb. Dennis Worden is well known for his "Stickboy" character. "Flying Zocateq", a huge sculpture made out of bones, is the work of local artist and custom picture framer, Jim Hornung, who owns First Street Gallery. The most poignant piece, however, is by the late Jen Trute, and it has never been seen by the public before. It's a portrait of her sister, and a departure from her eco-apocalyptic themes that the art world is familiar with. Thrift store chic, rock and roll, punk, gothic, tiki, surrealist, dreams and nightmares, irony and humor: all these terms loosely define the World of Lowbrow Art.
The music for the reception will be "Strange Intergalactic Sound Scape", the experimental ambient music of Truuse de Groot, who is famous in Europe for her techno-electronic compositions. She was born in Holland and is the wife Bosko, one of the featured artists in the "Living Lowbrow" show.

Don’t miss this zaney and fun reception on Saturday, free to the public.
For more information you may contact Mary Fleener at


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