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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meet "Tree House Terry", Terry Michael Weaver from Maui and his Encinitas Tributes

Maui-Mon blog #1 Jan, 2014

The thriving art community is growing in Encinitas and connections reach across the ocean to the island of Maui,  In steps  a transplanted local Encinitas artist and a connection with the city - and the journey begins. Meet "Tree Top Terry", “Terry Michael Weaver”- "Mosaic Mon", Artist and Musician.

He has made mosaics since the early 70's, and since that time has made over 100 mosaics, including: City mosaics; Hotel, and Condo mosaics; Restaurant, and Private Estate mosaics. Five of my more intricate mosaics can be seen at E Street C@fe Encinitas, and while you're there say 'hi' to Dominic!

Twenty of his public mosaics adorn the City sidewalks of Encinitas, in April 2001 he won the City of Encinitas, Commission for the Arts, Downtown Streetscape project competition. The proposal was for the artist to design and manufacture 16 medallions to be laid, each side of the sidewalk, along Highway 101 from D St. to F St., receiving approval, he began the task of designing and installing each 36" round mosaic for our beautiful City. Seven months later, upon completion of all 16 mosaics, the City of Encinitas won a Great American Street Award.

"There are a host of people he owes a great deal of thanks too during his mosaic journey with Encinitas. Terry will be addressing these people in a monthly blog with "ArtBuzz" , thanks to Cheryl  I will be telling the trials and tribulations - past and present, of being a mosaic artist".

The "Mosaic Mon" blog would not be complete without excerpts from the current art studio at the beach-side tree-house residence on the Lindsey estate at Polanui, "Shark Pit" Maui.. Yes he lives in a tree house on the beach with private sunsets- beautiful vistas in a surf and sun paradise.

“I am so excited about my new "Marine Mosaic" series, which will include 24 glass-tile L.E.D lit mosaics.  Amazing.  are the creatures of our oceans.  With my "Ocean Wellness" program I will interface with local Hawaii biologists to create an educational platform to better understand why we need to make more effort to preserve our oceans. Next month, he will review the ebb-and-flow of being an artist, providing the daunting task of manufacturing 16 medallion mosaics for the City of Encinitas, and include more Maui updates.

And to add to that, he created the 25th Silver Anniversary mosaic, City Seal which will be installed early this year. Keep a lookout for unveiling information coming soon!!!

"A special thanks to Dody Crawford of DEMA, Jim Gilliam and Cheryl Ehlers of the City of Encinitas for promoting the lively Art Community filled with talented Encinitas Artists".

Visit www.mosaicmon or email Terry if you can find him on the beach…. at

More next month......

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