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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lil Taylor from Fine Art America takes 1st place with 7844 Visits

Lil Taylor takes"Featured Artist" with 7844 votes for "Sapphire in Colors"in the Over 4000 Contest".

"Congratulations"  to Lil, who would like to welcome everyone to her website at

Not many artists have a huge resource of visitors like Lil on the FAA site, and it was fun to see who could enter the contest that had over 4000 visitors to their paintings.  Out of 17 that qualified, Lil took 1st Place

" I must warn you though....don't expect to see sweet, transparent watercolors. As I started out as an acrylic painter, I like to incorporate loading up my brush with the brightest and most sumptuous colors and then bleed them out for the watercolors. I keep in mind watercolor techniques but though I use a realistic object for the subject, mostly I freehand sketch it out loosely and then my own creativity takes over. Sometimes,
it's a little dark with touches of surrealism but it's mostly expressionistic with odd touches here and there. The most consistent thing I can tell you is, my watercolors are always going to be filled with stark contrasts or bright colors and normally the subject is just a little 'off' - unless it's a dog or horse. :) But, I promise you will find something unique and thought-provoking" visit her art at

Barron Holland2nd place:with “Sweets” - 6800 visits.
Internationally oriented, I have lived and worked in many countries and have resided 
in Germany since 1984. I like to create highly colorful abstract and semi-abstract paintings 
that stimulate the senses and--because of their ambiguity--challenge one's perceptual 
structures. This often involves juxtaposing the linear with the painterly, the deliberate with the intuitive and the accidental with the natural. His emphasis on color can be partly attributed to the influence of such artists as Lichtenstein, Wesselmann, Hockney, Twombley, Zuniak, Richter and Basquiat, along with the color theory of Max Luescher.

Laura Brightwood  -3rd Place with “One Breath” with 5905 visits.
Laura is a native of Kentucky, having completed both her undergraduate and masters studies in the Bluegrass state. But most importantly, the mother of one amazing little girl. Brightwood is a professional fine and digital artist and writer. You can find her work on the covers and as the illustrator for multiple children's picture books and educational curriculum. Laura's commissioned human and animal portraiture has been the delight of many. Using both digital and traditional mediums.  You will find Laura Brightwood on Amazon as Illustrations in Children's Literature, at, and currently at 

Other entrants, Hannah Koehlers ,  “With Passion”- 5464 visitors , Nancy Mueller, “French Village in the Vineyards” -5152 visitors, and Cheryl Ehlers , “Old Venice” - 5395 visitors.

Fun to see what is being looked at in the world of art when you are on a  worldwide network.

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