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Friday, February 21, 2014

New Kid on the Block - Check out ArtPin - Opportunities for Artists

 ArtPin is a community of artists, alternative gallery spaces, and art lovers that collaborate to create pop-up art shows. 

An alternative gallery space can be anything from a house, apartment, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, hotel, community center etc.  We pair these alternative galleries with artists whose work compliments the style of business. ArtPin can be used to create art parties (a crowd comes to see the art on a given night), or simply to get original art hanging on the walls for the customers of the business to enjoy (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.).

This is a great opportunity to listed, exhibited and select to further your artist opportunities and get involved.  Free service to artists.  Join now at: 

Boost your exposure and get connected with the community. SIGNUP NOW.  

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