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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cheryl Ehlers kindly requests your assistance, a mere vote to spring board youth art

Hello Everyone!

I am applying for a grant with Mission Main Street for Cheryl Ehlers, to assist The Stardust Arts. The Mission Main Street Grants Program allows businesses a chance to grow.
Won't you please help by voting for me, Cheryl Ehlers and casting your vote at:  (type in Cheryl Ehlers for the business)

In order for me to move forward into the reviewing process I need to gather 250 votes by October 15th. I really appreciate if you can assist me in achieving my goal for The Stardust Arts, youth visual art program that  I have been providing since 2009.

The Stardust Arts has been involved in the North San Diego coastal city communities and provided over 11,600 students visual art instruction to all ages of children and youth in numerous venues for profit and for non-profit in schools, local Boys and Girls Clubs, outreaching at community events and fairs, hosting private venues, exhibiting in public libraries and any source where my students art was requested and I could spread the word about the importance of art in one's life. Visit The Stardust Arts at today!

Visit the videos of The Stardust Arts at

And please remember to vote for me, Cheryl Ehlers. Your assistance is so very appreciated.

Thank you all.

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