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Friday, May 29, 2015

Vivid Views – paintings by Cathy Carey at Encinitas City Hall - Reception June 12 - 5-7pm

At the “Vivid Views” show, Cathy Carey will be displaying works from several series of colorful California scenes.

The reception will be June 12 from 5 to 7pm.  Her current series includes native animals like owls, bobcats, quail, coyotes and fox, many of which she has seen on her one acre property on a high hill overlooking Lake Hodges. She says,“I love painting the animals I see in the area, we are all part of the interdependent pattern of our shared coexistence.” From bright mid day, sunset, twilight, and the dark sky, she sees these animals, and draws inspiration to paint them in their natural state.

The paintings that will be displayed include costal, and inland scenes. For example, in one of her featured paintings, “Swami’s Agave” you’ll see the surf of Encinitas and an agave in the foreground. An interesting thing about this painting and a few others, is that she paints words in, relating to the image. In the waves hitting the shore you’ll be able to spot the word “swami’s” disguised as a darker shade in the wave. This is a personal touch Carey has been applying to her paintings recently. In another painting, “Surf Sup”, with it’s clever name relating to supper, you’ll see a Pelican flying over the coast, of the Encinitas Beaches to find it’s next meal.

The Contemporary Expressive Colorist style of Cathy Carey is a blend of impressionist brush strokes, vivid expressive color and symbolic images that impart a sense of emotion and mood. Cathy Carey’s oil paintings are more than the reality of description and instead create images that feel joyous and exhilarating because of their bright and invigorating colors. She says, “I want to create movement in my compositions so I combine colors and shapes to make it feel like the pulse between the music and dancers. I paint scenes of places that I love, the California coast and inland North County is one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

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