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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Encinitas Highlands Painting Classes with Richard Hawk, A "NEW" format

 After 12 wonderful years of teaching painting in WORKSHOPS, I am doing something new - a CLASS format. The instruction and interaction with painters is much the same, but here's the difference: instead of 2 to 4 days of concentrated study, it's spread out over time.

When: Every other Tuesday, 2-4 PM, starting August 4

Where: My home/studio, a few blocks from beautiful downtown Encinitas

Media: Any and all 
Suggested materials lists are available.

Why? Two reasons...
(At any time during this email, you can go to the classes page on my web site for more detail. Please call me or write to discuss how you will fit and costs.)

First, a number of people over the years have expressed a desire for regular, ongoing painting instruction with me - a place to go and paint on a regular schedule, to 'keep your head in the game', and be constantly reminded and refreshed... on the methods and principles of free, intuitive painting... painting with vigor and confidence... good design principles... enjoyable techniques.

Second, frankly it's a little more manageable with my schedule right now... it's just more comfortable than the concentrated blitzkrieg intensity of a workshop - if you have taken a workshop with me, you know I pour a lot of my guts into it, and ask a lot of you - we're all exhilarated but pretty spent at the end!
Call RIchard Hawk  760.504.4015 or Email

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