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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Job Opportunity with San Diego County Fair

The San Diego County Fair is entertaining inquires for the position of assistant coordinator for the 2016 Student Showcase Exhibit.

The position would be to work with the coordinator to organize and the student showcase exhibit.

  1. To promote the Student Showcase Exhibit, 7th grade to Community College, to the public schools, private schools, charter schools and home school students.  Encourage administrator’s teachers students and community of the County of San Diego to participate in the exhibit with student entries, demonstrations.
  2. Communicate with the exhibit department staff (especially your office assistant) regarding any ideas, needs or issues concerning your department.  Ask questions if you don’t know the answer to something!
  3. Take direction and guidance from supervisors.
  4. Provide excellent customer service to your exhibitors and the fair going public and demand that your employees do so as well.
  5. Be a team player!  All our efforts combined make this one of the greatest fairs in the nation.
  6. Keep a copy of all correspondence, records, notes, judges’ lists, donor’s lists, etc. in your designated storage area in the exhibits office or with your department assistant.
  7. Attend scheduled exhibit department meetings.
  8. Schedule regular office hours.
  9. Help in obtaining qualified judges.
  10. Adhere to deadlines and procedures.
  11. Assist in ordering necessary supplies.
  12. Assist in soliciting donated awards from individuals, guilds, businesses, etc.
  13. Assist in hiring, and supervise employees for your department.
  14. Stay within budget limitations. Always obtain a PO before purchasing items. 
  15. Assist supervising the setting up the exhibit floor, receiving, judging, display/presentation and return of exhibits, following prescribed procedures.
  16. Serve to assist the coordinator at the fairgrounds during the entire operation of the Fair and be a qualified assistant present during any absence of the supervisor.  Provide department work schedule to the Exhibit Manager or Exhibit Supervisor prior to June 5.
  17. End of the Fair housekeeping-organizing, packing and keep inventory of supplies and display items.  Returning your exhibit space to the condition it was in when you received it. 
  18. Contribute to submitting the end of fair reports by July 15 to the Exhibit Manager.
Email responses to Katie Mueller;
or Neil Bruington;

Vicki Cronk
Student  Showcase
Senior Administrative  Assistant

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