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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Artist Reception, All That Jazz, May 1 at E101 Gallery, Encintas with Cheryl Ehlers

 All That Jazz, an artist reception in Encinitas with Cheryl Ehlers on May 1, 2014, 5:30-8:00pm. 

Located at theThe Encinitas 101 Main Street Association is a little gallery named E101 Gallery, funky, fun and great energy.  "All that Jazz”, is bold and dynamic, utilizing watercolor and acrylics and simply fits right into Encinitas and all its surroundings

This musical series has traveled to the Brubeck Institute and been hosted by the Villa Musica in San Diego. Each piece is sparked by imagination and a passion for painting in the moment. Spontaneously, my emotions are reflected in the art, I know no other way to do it! 

Art, for me is a celebration of life, a way to create an appreciation for the simple joys that surround me, and I extend "many thanks"  for all your support and gracing me with your friendship, while sharing your creativity.  The world is a wonderful place because you are all part of my world.

Hope to see there.  Share a glass of wine, or not. Munch on some treats and just enjoy the moment. This also happens to also be the First Thursday's opening for the City where business participate and provide extra special activity's and discounts.  So pop in!

Happy creating.... visit or contact me at 760-519-1551.

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