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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Puppets on Parade - Garit Imhoff, Artist Reception, May 4, 2-4pm

Garit Imhof, doll maker, puppeteer, arts advocate, professional clown and more is hosting an artist reception, May 2, 2014, between 2-4pm at the Encinitas Community Art Gallery located 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, Encintas, 92024.

The display is filled with some life size soft sculptured dolls, the product of many years making window dressings, exhibits for stores, museums and for animated films. Character, portrait dolls and patches have been commissioned over the years. These puppets have been purchased by such prominent buyers at Vincent Price, Clint Eastwood and others and have been enjoyed by many.

In addition, he manages to provide a host of arts related programs to communities and is currently at the Encinitas Boys and Girls Club sharing his talents and experience working with “Shadow Puppets” for enrichment programs in the Encinitas Union School District and the Encinitas Boys and Girls Club. The children made their own puppets for performances of Aesop Fables as well as original stories, which are scattered around this display and were created as examples

Shadow Plays are an ancient theater tradition originally from India that spread through many countries in the near and far east. The flat stick puppets are used on a cloth screen which is back lit creating shadows that are sometimes translucent. I studied puppetry in Indonesia where the tradition is particularly rich and where the puppets are elaborately carved and decorated. They are considered sacred and tell religious stories. The Chinese tradition is more for popular entertainment while in Turkey and Greece the characters and situations are comic.

Stop by the Encinitas Community Art Gallery or visit his website at For additional information call Garit at

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